Acme STi 078054 product


Acme STi 078054

Type: Racing Wheel
Special features:
* Dual vibration feature - built in motors empower to feel every inch of the road
* Auto calibration function - for easy usage 5 suction cups - for more stable wheel position
* Auto calibration - it is never been easier to use it
* Auto cruise - if ever need to keep the speed on
* Spring loaded pedals - for more reality in your game
Connectivity: USB
Compatibility: PC
Weight: 1.34kg
Other: * Axes: 2 * Steering angle: 180 degree * Action buttons: 12 * D-pad: 4 ways * Digital and analog modes
Product line: Right Now

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Тип:  Волан с педали
Съвместимост:  PC
Интерфейс:  USB

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