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Фитнес гривна Acme ACT05, Android/iOS, 0.49” (1.24 cm) дисплей, черна

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    Acme ACT05 500389

    ACME ACT05 Fitness activity tracker with heart rate monitor
    is here to help you to observe your daily movement as well
    as to improve routines and exercises significantly. To start
    with, this wrist band has a heart rate monitor to observe
    your pulse while staying calm or performing different type
    of exercises: peak, cardio or fat burning what makes your
    statistics more accurate and enables to train in specific
    zones to make your regime more efficient. Moreover, it has
    pedometer to count your steps, distance and burnt calories.
    This activity tracker may also improve your quality of sleep
    since it counts average hours of sleep, deep and light sleep
    time, indicates hours of falling asleep and waking up. In
    addition to this, the activity tracker has other super useful
    functions such as call notification, anti-lost alarm,
    connection to camera to take pictures, sedentary alert, alarm
    and so on which are displayed on OLED screen or vibrate to
    notify you. No need to mention, it is very easy to pair the
    activity tracker with your phone via Bluetooth connection.
    Plus, it is comfortable enough to wear all day and sleep with
    during the night

    Heart rate monitor
    Tracks heart activity and identifies peak
    exercise, cardio exercise, fat burning

    OLED screen
    Displays time and date, amount of steps
    and burnt calories, distance, the heart
    rate, etc.

    Special design that does not let water
    drops ruin the activity tracker

    Counts your steps, distance and burnt

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