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AOPEN Exclusive Wireless Auto Portrait & Portable LED Projector


The AOPEN PV12: your best friend on the road!

Product Highlights of the AOPEN PV12

● The leather strap allows you to carry around the projector easily. It's the best choice for traveling, camping or business trips.
● Hidden collapsible stand design that can handle a wide range of use environments, allowing you to enjoy audio and video entertainment while lying in bed.
● Smartphone lover favourite! The exclusive Auto portrait projection gives you a full version of your smartphone with wireless projection to enjoy social media and audio entertainment.
● Built in Bluetooth high-quality speaker with sound correction calculation to create a lively sound effect.
● 700 LED brightness and long-lasting LED light sources, up to 30,000 hours for lifetime.
● Variable Refresh Rate and Full HD 75Hz compatibility, offers a smooth multi-play experience and theatre-level sleek scenario.

Development of AOPEN LED projectors under Acer Group - AOPEN PV12

The projector was released in May and is part of the AOPEN's sub-brand Fire Legend. This LED projection which specializes in outdoor markets, is designed to stand on any flat surface with Auto Portrait projection.

It's up to you! It's the best choice for camping, lying in bed and have fun.

In addition to the powerful projection, the PV12 is lightweight and stylish, and the outer design is set with leather lifting straps. It’s smaller than the size of a 4-inch cake with its 115 x 115 x 36mm and has a weight of only 440 grams. The PV12 also features a hidden collapsible stand design that allows you to enjoy audio and video entertainment while lying in bed. This projector also introduces the dual colours*1 of "Grey Earth" and "Lake Water Green" for outdoor activities.

Enjoy long lasting entertainment in high quality

With built-in 2W Bluetooth speakers the PV12 also supports external audio sources allows you to watch with a lag free audio and video synchronization. The PV12 also has a built-in 9,000mAh battery, which allows you to enjoy movies and games at any time on one battery charge. It lasts up to 5 hours*2 to enjoy the best audio-visual entertainment anywhere. People no longer need to worry about running off the battery when going out with their smartphone, PV12 can turn into the power bank once fully charged!


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Технически характеристики

Тип:  DLP
3D:  Не
Разделителна способност (native):  854 x 480
Разделителна способност (max):  Не е указано
Яркост:  150 lm
Контраст:  5 000:1
Говорители:  1 x 2 W
4K:  Не
Разстояние на проектиране:  Не е указано
Short Throw:  Не е указано
Живот на лампата:  20000 h
Предназначен за:  Домашно кино
Формат:  16:9
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