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Слушалки AKG K618 DJ, черни, подходящи за DJ

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Модел: K618 DJ

Изключително качествен звук предоставен от AKG
Предназначени за DJ в нощни клубове и частни партита
Предоставят чудесна изолация от външния шум
SPL технологията осигурява отличен звук и комфорт за ушите ви
Система: димнамична
Дизайн: Closed-back Headphones
Уникален 3D-Axis сгъваем механизъм
Честотен обхват: 16Hz – 24kHz with high SPL capability
Чувствителност: 115dB SPL/V
Max. input power: 2000mW
Съпротивление: 32 Ohms

"Power, clarity and performance.
What do DJs look for in headphones? Long-wearing comfort and portability. What do they listen for? Sound quality, pure and simple. AKG K618 DJ headphones have all of these qualities. Even at low listening levels, these headphones offer remarkable clarity and performance. They boast a frequency range of 16Hz – 24kHz and a high SPL capability for powerful sound. Their ear cups and closed-back design minimize ambient noise and keep your music from leaking to the outside world. The headphones are lightweight and flexible, so they stay comfortable throughout extended sessions. For convenience, the K618 DJs feature a 3D-Axis folding mechanism that makes the headphones easy to transport and store, plus a single-sided cable that resists tangling. Expect no dual-cable knots, no bulky headsets and no headaches. The K618 DJ headphones even come with a 1/8-inch-to-1/4-inch jack adapter that expands your connectivity options. Whether music is your passion, your profession or both, K618 DJs have everything you’re looking for – and listening for – in headphones. They deliver the professional-grade performance that you’d expect from the brand that musicians, vocalists, record producers and audio engineers have been choosing again and again for over 60 years."

Professional-grade headset without rival.
K619 is your DJ-partner in crime when it comes to sound quality and long-lasting comfortable fit.

Robust and roughed
What goes into a great set of DJ headphones? Listening. AKG engineers listened to what DJs wanted in headphones - portability, durability, comfort and of course, quality - and then set out to make a product that offered all of those characteristics.

AKG signature sound
AKG K618 headphones keep music in and noise out. Their closed-back design helps attenuate ambient noise while also preventing the sounds that you’re hearing from leaking out. That way your sound stays pure – and private.

Audio Specifications
Driver Closed-back headphones
Frequency Response 16Hz-24kHz
Maximum Input Power 2000 mW
Input Impedance 32 ohms
Sensitivity 115 dB SPL/V
AKG Easy Compare
Style On-ear
Sound Signature sound
Connectivity Wired
Smartphone control No control option
General Specifications
Colour Black

Data Sheet

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Вид:  Върху ухо
Микрофон:  Не
Тип на връзката:  Жична
Цвят:  Черен
Тип:  Затворени

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