A4Tech V-Track 3100N product

A4Tech V-Track 3100N, безжични клавиатура & мишка, компактен USB приемник

    34.45 лв

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    A4Tech V-Track 3100N
    PADLESS Wireless Desktop

    - No lag
    - No cursor vibration
    - 10 m operating range
    - Size freely capture any part of your screen
    - Comfort round edged keycaps
    - Numeric keypad doubles as a mouse
    - V-Track Mouse
    - Vertical light ensures perfect precision
    - Short light path consumes lower power
    - Incomparable adaptability on all surfaces
    - Smoothly when using even on soft fabrics
    - Tiny lens hole brings the best precision

    Package Contents:
    - Wireless keyboard (GK-85)
    - 2.4G Wireless PADLESS MOUSE(G3-220N)
    - Multi-link receiver (Red)
    - USB extension cable
    - 2 AAA alkaline batteries for keyboard
    - 1 AA alkaline battery for mouse

    System Requirements:
    Windows 7 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista

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