Thermaltake eSPORTS Level 10 M Black product

Мишка Thermaltake eSPORTS Level 10 M, черна, лазерна (800-8200dpi), светеща, 7 програмируеми бутона, USB

  • Марка: Thermaltake
  • Модел: Level 10 M, Black
  • Код на производител: MO-LTM009DT
  • Гаранция: 24 месеца
  • Налично в централен склад
  • Безплатна доставка
179.00 лв

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Level 10 M

Air-Through Ventilation

This ventilation solution strengthens the possibility of a better air and temperature exchange as a means of passive ventilation. Through the perforated surface, issues such as heavy use of the Level 10 M Mouse and the rise of temperatures of the hand are significantly reduced.

3D Steering

Level 10 M Mouse is designed with open structure in between top and base segments, and the space in between the mouse also serves to adjust the height and angle via steering axis, greatly enhance user comfort and convenience as well.

Intelligent Software

Level 10 M Mouse is a programmable gaming mouse capable of using the most comprehensive software application to customize settings based on gamer's needs. Specifically, the Z key can be programed to switch up to 5 gaming profiles. Other features such as the polling rate and the 7 lighting-effect colors are also customizable through software, making Level 10 M Mouse a truly amazing mouse for pro-gaming and creative needs.

Dynamic Color Range

Up to 7 colors to choose from, the Level 10 M Mouse allows gamers to build up personal gaming atmosphere. Notably, a breathing Battle Dragon can be found underneath the perforated surface!

Aluminium Base

Aluminum base is one of the toughest chemical materials with character of high resistance to corrosion, and commonly used in aerospace industry and architectural purpose. Level 10 M Mouse is designed with solid aluminum material to ensure both durability and tenaciousness are constantly experienced by the users over Level 10 M Mouse's quality and long-lasting durable experience.

Laser Sensor

Level 10 M Mouse is equipped with 8200 DPI, adjustable from 800, 1600, 3200 to 5000 (default setting), and customizable by software application up to 8200 DPI. With the LED indication on top of the mouse, gamer is constantly and visually informed with the current DPI status, and to make change wherever necessary.

Color - Diamond Black
DPI - 8200
Sensor Type - Laser
No. of Buttons - 7
Game Genre - RTS, MMORPG
Memory Size - 128kb
No. of Macro Keys - 11
No. of Game Profiles - 5
Lighting Effect - Yes
Pause-Break Effect - Yes
Color Options - 7
USB cable length - 1.8m
Weight-In Design - No
Graphical UI - Yes
Industrial Rubber-Coating - Yes
Weight - 185g
Gold-Platted USB - Yes
Dimension - 147 x 67.5 x 38.8 mm

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Технически характеристики

Тип на връзката:  Жична
Интерфейс:  USB
Цвят:  Черен
Размер:  Нормален
Препоръчана за Игри:  Да

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