Lanberg cable sleeve self-closing 5m 19mm product
ОписаниеТехнически характеристики
The special construction of the braid facilitates installation in all conditions. Lanberg’s braid is built in such a way, so that one edge overlaps the other, forming a tube.

The tuck (overlap) is about 25% of the tube's diameter. Braid is applied by stretching the edges and inserting cables inside.
Resistant to gasoline, chemicals (oil, lubricants), cleaning agents, UV radiation.
Length - 5m
Max. cable diameter -19mm
Material - Polyester (PET)
Operating temperature (°C) - -75°C to +150°C; Melting temperature (°C) - +230°C ±5°C

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Технически характеристики

Вид:  Кабелен канал
Материал:  Пластмаса
Особеност:  няма